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Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan Trek
Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan Trek

Here that friends have known about this trek place what is there actual and what you get to experience to do.

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Chopta Chandrashila Himlayan Trek Overview

Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan Trek

Chandrashila Himalayan Trek was a very attractive and beautiful trek. It was Located in the Uttarkhand.

The Chandrashila Know as the Moon Rock. It was Summit the Chandranath Paravt on Tunganath Temple of Panch Kedar which was situated.

Those who were Beginner must visit this Trek. It was full of amazing to seen and having the surrounding beauty of shadow like a flower and around snowy in all the areas.

Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan Trek

This Chandrashila trek is for the wildlife lover those who like the forests and the Himalayas.

Those who begin the Chandrashila trek the great having summit climb 12,083 ft for the beginner who starts the trek.

And one of the most beautiful treks in the Garhwal Himalayan region, and the Chandrashila summit trek it was the Majestic beauty that you get to see.

When you get to summit the climb after some along hour. Then you get to see the highest point of the mountain. That gives the rays of the sunlight and the lighten of the sun.

The front you can see everything below that is full of clouds, the hills, and the small picks of the civilization.

On the Himalayan trek, you usually can see the range of the distance of Mountain.

There was much of the legend about that place they get, such that Lord Rama did the mediated after defeating with the Demon King Ravana.

And then another story that the one legend spends the moon god Chandra time here in punishment.

The Most beauty of the Chandrshila Himalayan trek was very majestic and it has the awesome point that it offers the 360 panoramic views that of the beautiful Himalayas.

Best Time to visit the Chopta Chandrashila Trek

#with best of Indiahikes

In the Chopta Chandrashila trek, you have to visit in the best time in months like January to February.

And the Chopta Chandrashila trek has in the high altitude. This Trek you can do almost all in the 6 months in the year.

There are three clear reasons you can start to do the trek in the spring between March and April and afters its open in the autumn and the goes until in December.

The Post of December the peak was in the winter months. In that the Chopta region having the very much Snowfall.

And because of that many times road are getting cut off due to the snowfall.

I suggested you do the Chopta Chandrashila Trek to visit in January and February.

Chandrashila Trek in the Summer

In the summer season, you can also visit the Chopta Chandrashila there you can to see the Green color palette on the trek.

And that you have not got the witness in any other season.

In the Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan there you get to visible get to see the cool breeze in the Early Morning and in the late evening.

And in the forests and Plains are Look like the full of sunny and bright during May – June.

In the early month of June, the slopes were getting starts receiving the full light summer of showers and around the lush full of greenery that you feel very attractive.

The Trek was the easiest trek that having the great Getaway for the summer heats of the plains.

And it was the perfect time to introduce yourself with such Himalayas during the Summer Vacations.

Chandrashila Trek in the Autumn

Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan Trek

The other best time to visit the Chandrashila Trek in the post Monsoons in September, October, and November it was amazing to get that place.

In that Seasons of post Monsoon, the sky gets fully washed and all get to see the Fog in the sky.

It was the perfect time to do the Chandrashila Trek visit to see the beautiful stunning and very attractive beauty of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Chandrashila Trek in the Winter

In the Winter season, the Chandrashila trek in that region on winter season the snow get Blanketed and the accommodation also gets restricted few to do in the winter season.

In December you can visit the Chandrashila trek it was the best to see the full snow surrounding in the winter season.

That of the winter season at that time it gets started the snowing. It was a wonderful and amazing time to visit there you can do camping and trekking in the snow.

And must visit it get your the perfect getaway and you get the memorable experiences.

Besides the all when you want to visit you get must visit it gives the very experiences trek.

Chandrashila Trek in the Monsoon

In the Chandrashila trek the monsoon season the Chopta valley that all the besides areas get very greenery around the Himalayas.

And the trek gets more difficult in the monsoon season. And although the roads get blocks of a few hours because of the land gets slides. Most all the ground gets slippery.

But the scenic beauty gets beautiful in Chopta but it gets you worth taking the risk in the Monsoon seasons.

How to Reach Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan trek?

By Roadway

In the Chopta Chandrashila Himalayan Trek, you first to go the Uttarkhand, and then the road journey gets very easy and more convenient.

There you get the many buses that get to the Chopta at Regular interval time. You can take by private taxi from near the villages and reach the Chopta.

By Railway

By the Railway route, the nearest railway station is Rishikesh from Chopta. And it was situated about 209 km. The Rishikesh Railway station was get connected to many of the cities in the country.

You can easly do taxi or bus from Rishikesh to Chopta.

By Air

The Airway there nearest have the airport to Chopta is the Jolly Grant at Dehradun. It was situated about the 226 km away from the Chopta.

And the flights that from Delhi at regular interval to Dehradun. You access the cab it was easily available for the Chopta.

How difficult the Chopta Chandrashila Trek was?

The Chandrashila trek was the summit trek it as the easy trek. On the second day of the trek, you cover almost the 8 km which required the more stamina.

Then you get to climb on Tungnath to Chandraslia stepped which that time it gets strain to your leg while you going must be prepared all such things while getting easy to do.

All the besides get make sure you have to get physically fit. Do exercise before going to trek one month before you get start to do the exercises.

Why Trek to do at Chandrashila?

The Chandrashila was at the elevation 4000 meters and the 13000 feet at the sea level. And at the Chandrashila Trek, it can be completed in the short period from the Tungnath at 1.5 km.

The base camp of the Chandrashila Trek was the Chopta. The Chandrashila trek was the very popular and famous beautiful trek in the Uttarkhand.

During the summertime, the Chandrashila trek routes get remains a form of Block because of the snow.

Chandrashila Summit trek was one of the frequented treks of the Uttarkhand.

The beauty and the majestic view is full of attractive towards us.

You can visit an attractive place for trekking and there having the most the Chandrashila Temple where the Lakshman younger brother of Lord Rama Mediated.

What is the Chopta Chandrashila Trek is famous for?

  • It was Famous for Tourist Attraction.
  • It was an easy trek, snow trek, and summit the 360 Himalayan View, winter trek.
  • This trek was recommended to most of the families, Groups, and Corporates, Foreigners, and solo.
  • It was the best destination for activities like adventures, trekking, view natural points, Mountains, temples, and the snowfalls.

Here the Chopta Chandrashila Himlayan Trek guide those who were beginners and those who were planning to do the trek. So here the information that Hopes it help you with.

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