If you are a trek lover and you have a beginner for trekking so here you searching for the best Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners in India. It helps you sure.

So here for you have the detail you get Trek Himalayas Destination for Beginners in India.

Here You beginners for the trek so you have not got any Idea for best Himalayas trek places so here have many best trek places.

There have many places in India for Trek but here the best Places that you make sure while you beginner for the trek so visit it.

If you visit such places that you know about there what specialty and all everything about the place so you trek will get more comfortable and enjoyable.

So here I will help you with you get more information about trek places that you want to visit if you are a beginner.

So be with us till the end make sure this may help you to choose the best Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners in India.

Trek Himalayas Destination for Beginners

Here You get to know about the Trek Himalayas it was the one of an ideal destination for you and the beautiful Himalayas ranges are waiting for you.

Here have the larger Number ranges valley of trails for you and that really I make sure you get interested and it was for a beginner those get full of charm and has the appealing the higher scale altitudes.

So guys what you are waiting for just hold your seat belt tightly and here 12 Trek Himalayas destination for beginners that you get to know.

I make sure it really gets helps you for choosing the best place for beginners to trek.

1. Prashar Lake Trek

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

Prashar Lake has its own beauty. And have of the crystal blue clear water body. It was situated about the 50 Km from the north of Mandi.

It was three beautiful Pagoda like temples that were was extremely to dedicated Saga Prashar.

The Prashar Lake which was Located at the height of the 2730 m above the sea level and with the deep blue of waters which held the divine of the position there.

This place was Bounded with mighty Dhauladhar ranges in the Kullu Valley the place is a very beautiful and full majestic charm.

And there Surrounding having the full of snow-topped peaks it was like looking the flowing of the river down like the river Beas.

The temple was the built-in the thirteenth century. As it was the constructed comes under light of the vague myth.

The Lake was has floating the like island and in actual depth like unclear and having the lush of green valley and most beautiful scenic beauty and enjoyable trek experience.

And the Trek was Passes through the dense forest and villages , stunning rivers and much more excited trek was get to enjoy.

Location : Mandi

Duration : 2 Days

2. Beas Kund Trek

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

The Beas Kund was the famous Tourist destination and for the trekker. Also, the Manali place is a very attractive and beautiful place and but it was for the best trek also.

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

The Beas Kund trek is the best for the small perfect weekend place for the trek which you make a small trek for your busy schedule and visits it.

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

Here you can get the beautiful outstanding views of the top Pir Pinjal mountain ranges over the beautiful Beas river.

The beautiful scene of nature and spectacular plains of Dhundi and Bakarthach.

And here the Beas Kund which was the best place for trekking and hiking.

Location : Manali

Duration : 2 Days

3. Kauri Pass

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

The Kauri Pass has the rocky plains that it was attracting for the backpackers from around the earth of decades.

To the Nanda Devi biosphere here the being close proximity and the Kauri Pass which was the most center of the region.

The region name is know as Garhwal it was unique wilde grandeur .

There was the background below you get to see the valley which had the entrance of the Rishi Gorge. Which was in the year 1934 it gets considered the unpenetrable.

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

The kauri pass is at the reltive modertae the altitude of 12,200 feet.

And there have the beautiful camping grounds of Gulling Chitrakantha and tali which got the attraction of the trek.

The trek offers you some of the most stunning views of the peaks like Kamet, Trishul, Chaukhaba, and the majestic Nanda Devi.

There at Kauri Pass trek has it offered the most beautiful view of peak-like Trishul, Kamet, chaukhaba is the best place.

Location : Rishikesh , Uttarakhand

Duration : 6 Days

4. Sar Pass Trek

The Sar Pass trek was the diverse terrain and rich in natural beauty. This trek the best destination for trekking as a beginner.

There has the great beauty which had the trail passes through the thick forest, lush green plains, and villages.

And they really have the full of snow-clad mountains which were gracing the backdrops.

It was offering the best range of experiences for the trekker and the Sar pass trek was nestled in perfect Parvati valley, having the full of excitement and adventures.

The Kasol trek which was commences and it was paradise for trek lovers and it form all around in the globe.

Here the you get the best hotels and restuartants in your budget and there you have get the lost of delicicous food.

If your looking like this some for trek here the Sar Pass trek is the ideal destination for you and I make sure it gaves the full enjoyment in trek.

Location : Kasol , Himachal Pardesh

Duration : 5 Days

5. Kareri Lake Trek

The Lake was so beautiful and Picturesque Lake, This place like seems that which was they picked the straight out form the Hollywood Movie.

The lake was also known as the Kumarwah lake because this the shallow, freshwater lake that was situated in the south of the Dhauldar range.

It was 9 km long from the Northwest of Dharamshala in kangra district of the himchal pardesh .

It was located at altitudes of 2,934 meters above the sea level. This was the best destination for trekking at the Dhauldar range and there beside you can see the major sightseeing attraction.

Frequently there most have the Gujjars and Gaddis they reside near in there villages for the extensive pasturelands and the kareri lake houses.

The lake has beautiful clusters and different kinds of colorful sustained flowers.

There has the snow of melting from the Dhauladhar range which serves as the water sources of the high altitudes lake.

Since the water supply to the lake is provided by the melting of snow and their lake has little quiet of shallow.

And therefore the water visibility is very high. Most of the places are like in the lake bed visible.

Therefore the lake appeared to the special in winter season months of December to March when this lake is frozen.

As the most important is the trip of Kareri lake is special for nature lovers.

Location : Kangra , Himachal Pardesh

Duration : 2 Days

6. Kedarkantha Trek

Himalayas Trek Destination for Beginners

The Kedarkantha was is situated in the lap of the Mountains and of the Tons River Valley, Kedarkantha was the beautiful and stunning place.

It was offering us such as easy and classic trek. And it was the lovely ridge peak throughout the year with plenty of rewarding such as adventures.

It was in the district of Uttarkashi of Uttarkhand , This peak as fully covered with the snow and during the winters it was presenting a breathtaking sight.

The beautiful peak it gave us to explore such beautiful beauty of flora and fauna of the protected area of the Govind National Park.

The High Altitude of the peak is 3850 m and therefore having the witness of sun-soaked with beautiful peaks of like Ranglana, Banderpooch, Black, and the Swargarohini.

This place have the best perfect seeking the adventure by the scenic beauty.

Location : Dehradun , Uttarakhand

Duration : 5 Days

7. Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass trek is situated in the Manali district region which is in Himachal Pardesh, it serves one of the most convenient and very enjoyable treks.

It was a Laden Pristine of nature and the Trail which includes the dense forests, valleys vast plains, and beautiful panoramic landscape view.

Here the perfect place for trek beginners this place is easy for the first beginner’s and the adventures it can give the best experience in one time beginners.

The most beautiful lake is there and the name of the lake is Chandrtal which was a beautiful crystal clear lake that gets to see here.

This Lake having high altitude which highlights your trip and many are rare sight also there to see so must be visited.

This trip is having the 4-5 days and the Hampta trek was the beautiful and very attractive and easy trek for the Beginner that your first trek gets more excited and enjoyable.

Location : Manli , Himachal Pardesh

Duration : 5 Days

8. Tungnath and Chandrashila Trek

Tungnath is a cute and small village in Uttarakhand it is known as the most popular starting of the Chopta Chandrashila trek.

This at a height of 2680m and the village area is surrounding by the evergreen forest.

And this trek also is the easiest in the Himalayan region and this is recommended for the trek beginners.

The trek was fully covered with the large region and starting with the Haridwar and besides the ending at Chandrashila.

The trek was initiated to the holy city of the Haridwar and there have the lake is known as Devarivatal Lake. This was located in a high altitude of the 2440 m.

Here you get the beautiful scenery for taking a picture and you get a view of the Chaukhamba ranges.

The height of the Chopta is 3000 m and the next we come to Tungnath it was an having the elevation of 3680 m.

Then the finally we arrive at the beautiful and attractive location is Chandrashila at the high top of 4130 m.

Both Tunganath temple and Chandrishala peak are you get to see. There is at having the 360 Degree round and the beautiful view of the valley below.

And here some entry charges at the certain checkpoints have taken. It was while you going with your group of some forest camping charges. It was either you planning a trek with the popular trek agencies.

So is it all include in your packages. So I suggested that you form a group and book the trek agencies that get better for you.

The most beautiful peak is Panchchuli, Nanda Devi, Nilkanth and Kedarnath are the covering while trekking.

Location : Chopta , Uttarakhand

Duration : 3 Days

9. Dayara Bugyal Trek

The Dayara Bugyal trek was the classic trek for the trekkers. It to discover the outdoors and the experiences of the high altitude of Himalayas.

Dayara Bugyal along with the Gidara Bugyal which was the most beautiful and attractive place and alpine plains in India.

The plains stretch out far and wide and everyone round the fields is the various towering snow peaks.

It was situated at an elevation of 3048m, Dayara Bugyal is almost second to none in natural beauty.

On the onset of winters, they transform into ideal ski slopes over a neighborhood of about 28 sq km.

The Bugyals and the sky are around there looking so beautiful every time.

Which can show you the best scenery at every season of the year.

Location : Uttarkashi , Uttarkhand

Duration : 3 Days

10. Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek was highes peak in the West of Bengal . In the Darjeeling district the highest peak is Singalila Ridge.

And it was almost the near border of nepal therefore it was located very close to the Singalila National Park.

This peak is the highest peak in West Bengal. So it gives you a magnificent view of the four out of the five highest peaks in the world.

The most beautiful peak is that view is possible to see at the Mountain Kanchendzonga. You can go by there car or trekking.

It may be a beautiful 51 km great distance up Capitol Hill, ranging from Manebhanjan.

Sandakphu is additionally referred to as the “mountain of poisonous plants” due to the abundance of Himalayan Cobra Lilies here.

Since this is often a difficult trek, it’s fit to undertake it only after ensuring your complete fitness.

The place may be a paradise for the nature lover with about 600 sorts of orchids alone.

Location : Darjeeling , West Bengal

Duration : 5 Days


Here the Himalayas Trek destination for beginners. It was all the above destination it so beautiful and attractive you must get to visit it.

If you are a beginner for trekking so must visit such a beautiful place. Other than there many places are there but these Places are most attractive.

I personally suggest you that this place is best for Beginners. While you get the first trek experiences well so that further you do the more trekking in your life.

So if you trek beginner searching the best places so here you get details about the places. I make sure you get just like this destination.

So friends while before going the trek just get all the information about the places.

Because it important for you only the trekking trip gets comfortable and more enjoyable.

And for Trek Guide, you want to know more visit here all details about Trek Beginner.

So, Get More about it…..

Here I have a personally tell you once again while going trek. Here must visit my site. That you get in all the detailed information about the trek Himalayas for Beginner.

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