It first needs to know about the places may you visit. Let start first we know which was the best place for a picnic spot in Pune.

Let me start first that you know about the different places near Pune for a picnic spot.

And some of the few you know places but you do not know. Many more places are best for the picnic spot near Pune. It was really attractive and your trip gets very enjoyable.

Before you get to visit the places the first thing that you have to know. There was about which different places are in near Pune to visit for a picnic spot.

They help you to get easy in my blog that you get to know more. It was about the different places for a picnic spot in Pune.

Then here we get to know about the different places for a picnic spot near Pune. Which gets helps for the trip to enjoy for your Journey.

Different places near Pune have the best location for you to get enjoy.

Which were the Best Places Near Pune for a picnic Spot?

  • Mahabaleshwar
  • Karanala Bird Sanctuary
  • Kashid Tourism
  • Kolad Tourism
  • Panchgani Tourism
  • Kamshet Tourism
  • Karla Caves Lonavala
  • Khadakwasla Dam
  • Panshet Dam
  • Sinhagad Fort


The Mahabaleshwar hill station is full of freshness and a very Majestic peak. And the hill town is in the Western Ghats it is full apart from Strawberries.

 Picnic spot near Pune

And there have numerous rivers it looks like an all surrounding is having the greenery.

The Mahabaleshwar place is the hill station which is located in the Western Ghats in the Satara district of Maharashtra.

It having the famous for there strawberries farm and the place is full of Beauty.

The city is known for in the ancient period there having the old temples, boarding school. And the all surrounding the greenery. Which makes happy and fresh and having the lush dense forest, small waterfalls, hill, valleys.

 Picnic spot near Pune

The place is for Weekend the make small Gateways to see the charming views small valleys, beautiful lakes. It was refreshing your mind to get such an attractive place. And this best place for can say the God nature Gifts.

Location : Western Ghats

Best Time : December – February

Ideal Duration : 2 Days

Nearest From : Pune

2.Karanala Bird Sanctuary

The Karnala Bird Sanctuary which is away from the Mumbai – Pune Express highway. It was filled with species of both the flora and fauna that astound you.

 Picnic spot near Pune

It was established in the year of 1968 and it was initially covered with an area of 4.45 sq km. And the year 2003 the area was increased by 12.11 sqm.

Now the Bird Sanctuary is the most popular in the world its for the bird love watchers and hikers. Who they get away from there busy hectic schedule of their cities.

 Picnic spot near Pune

It is located near the karnal fort and having the historic attraction that gets to see. Must visit a Wonderful perfect small weekend with family and friends. It is the best place for picnickers and hikers, bird lovers.

Timing : 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM

Location : Panvel

Entry fees : Adult INR 35 , Children INR 50

3.Kashid Tourism

 Picnic spot near Pune

Kashid tourism is the beach town it most popular and it is full of white sand and blue seas. It was which are situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra.

And the place kashid is the perfect peaceful place for the short weekend from Mumbai.

It is a calm place and it best for the nature lover and the kashid having the surrounding. It was very silent and it gets the best for a picturesque location. The beach town is best to know for the majestic mountains.

It is the most delightful place for those nature lovers and serene environments. The kashid place is having the calm it shore stretches to a vast extent.

 Picnic spot near Pune

The Beach spot water is a very fresh and clean beach the surrounding nature of the beach is wonderful. Here the area in it gets itself a great experience.

The chaul near kashid has lies near their and many have the Buddhist caves. That of people get interested, and the Korlai fort is another best attraction.

Location : Kokan region

Best Time : October -March

Ideal duration : 1-2 days4

4.Kolad Tourism

Kolad Tourism is best for the waterfalls and having the greenery mountains in our surroundings. And it is the best location to get you amazing picturesque, and having the backside the full of Sahyadri’s.

 Picnic spot near Pune

The Kolad is best for attraction place for adventure sports destination it’s having for Rafting, Rappelling, Kayaking, etc. And it was best famous for River Rafting.

The Kolad place is in the thriving the small village in Raigad District in Maharashtra. The place is full of natural place a having the blooms during the Monsoons.

There having the majestic valleys and backside top all-mountain it getting the best picturesque. It was treated for nature lovers and the backpackers, shutterbugs. The scenery of the place lost in our eyes.

 Picnic spot near Pune

The river kundalika is best for people who interested in river rafting. And they’re having all the white water it is best for the rafting.

This river is full of the fastest flowing rivers in the south. And it has the best white water rafting and best for other adventure activities.

And along with there having many of the destinations like forts, waterfalls. It has the best weekend holiday destination for you it gets an amazing offer in all the kolad tourism.

Location: Raigad district

Best time: June -March

Ideal duration : 1 day

5.Panchgani Tourism

 Picnic spot near Pune

The Panchgani is the named as derived that the Five Hills of the surrounding. The most popular hill station near the Mahabaleshwar.

And it was famous for the sunset and sunrise points which we get the scenic view. It is located at an altitude of 1.334 mts, and the Panchgani is the hill station of Maharashtra. This is best knows for its scenic beauty view.

There the Five hills the Sahyadri mountain ranges it offers one of the names is Panchgani.

 Picnic spot near Pune

The nature of beauty looks amazing its gets click picturesque. This is best also and the backdrop having the mountains range plains its look get a view is amazing.

And the British era the place is having the summer resort. And the many colonial periods were established get to see here. The Mahabaleshwar is like the Panchgani.

Best time : September – May

Ideal duration :1-2 days

6.Kamshet Tourism

The Kamshet was the hill station which from there the Picturesque is best and it is in the Western Ghats. And renowned famous for the paragliding and the flying schools. They surrounded by western ghats.

It is located in the Pune District it just 45 Km away from the main town. And it is the paragliding Paradise.

This are the beautiful places there we have to see the small villages. And the beautiful natural scenery, and the surrounding pass the fresh air.

There we can enjoy the closer look at that place that has the small muddy huts and villages markets.

The surrounding area is having the full of the sunflower which looks awesome view. And you have to get a world-class enjoying view of Paragliding.

Among here in this region have to get seen the many beautiful attractions. It like the Bhairi Caves, Bhedsa caves, Khondeshwar temple, and Pavana lake.

And the other beautiful destination is like Lonavala and Khandala is the best for the trip.

Best time : October – June

Ideal duration :1- 2 days

7.Karla Caves Lonavala

The Karla caves are the carved having the hillside. And it was among the one of the Buddhist cave it is shrined in India.

It was located on the Pune -Mumbai express highway at the Karla its sources are to believed.

The Carved which is out is almost 2000 years ago and this place is constituted. It has an extensive collection of the beautiful Chaityas (halls) and Viharas (monasteries ). It was reflected in the journey of the past.

The Temple was made of the pillars from the Buddhist period. And it has recently built the entrance of the caves.

Once it was to climb it almost 150 stairs to reach the cave. And it also is known as veluraka in their olden times. 

There the caves house a Humongous 15 m pillar along with the temple which is dedicated to the Goddess Ekveera.

And these caves get has various name tat you said like Karli cave, Karla cave, or karle cave of cells. The caves have the house of Buddhist Monastery which is built in 2nd century  BC.

Here was the because the early Buddhist was used to settle down the Monasteries. And was which is close to the major trading routes and in order that it provides

Shelters to the traveling traders. This was the owing a very historic moment significance. That was getting to protect the monument under the Archaeological Survey of India

Timing : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm

It as get to required the more than 3 hours.

8.Khadakwasla Dam

Khadakwasla Dam is famous for the tourist place and that gets attracted to it and get to see such beautiful places. And the most significant work of engineering in Pune.

It was built in river mutha which got flows all through the city. Which was aids in the water supply to the Pune and the suburban regions.

Dams are called the reservoir, and also they called Khadakwasla lake which offered to us a quick and pleasant getaway from those places.

The Lake is was the best for the Picnic spot.

The roadways along the side it was best for doing the cycling for those cyclist riders. In the Monsoon it was particular for considering the number of people. Who may visit there and enjoy the scenic beauty.

The khadakwasla dam is the extend about some 1.6 k  over the river mutha. Which is actually begins to it having the confluence of other rivers? The flowing of water control is to river Ambi and Mose.

Further, we go the outflow from the Temghar dam which entered the Khadakwasla lake. The river occupies about the 22000 and there sq km area is which runs over the 35 m deep.

The dam was the stand which was tall in 31 meters. It as built over the hard rock in a Mutha riverbed.

And the here the people must visit there surrounding nature is beautiful. These are the other attractions that are also awesome to get the place.

9.Panshet Dam

 Picnic spot near Pune

The Panshet dam was located at the distance of about 50 km from the southwest of Pune in Maharashtra. Panshet dam was one of the popular dams for the best picturesque and get away from the city.

Besides, all those know as the Tanajisagar Dam it was the Build into the Ambi river. It provided irrigation and drinking water to the cities folks.

 Picnic spot near Pune

Panshet Dam is the nestled to a lab of the Sahyadri’s and it was offering to us the best of adventure activity. And water adventure sports that attract adventure enthusiasts.

It was popular for the picnic spot for the picnickers. And get some quality time get to spend with such a beautiful nature.

10.Sinhagad Fort

 Picnic spot near Pune

 Sinhagad Fort was located in the Sahyadri’s mountains. The Sinhagad fort is an ancient fort that as known for the historical significance and architecture.

It was known as the name of the Fort is Kondhana which has witnessed the number of battles. The name of the fort was known as the Lions fort which is most signifying in its strength and brilliance.

It was the landmark for the trekkers. And it was located at the height of the over 750 meters in the Sahyadri’s Mountains.

The fort was the as built in the center of the line of Maratha fort which built-in Sahydris. Some of the citadels are in the Rajgad Fort, Torna fort, and Purander fort.

 Picnic spot near Pune

The place was known for photography and who are nature lovers. The Sinhagad fort which is the having surrounded the mostly provides a good environment and easy to get away.

And the mountain also serves the great location for the training of the national defense Academy students.

The fort is best for the hiking trekking for the trekkers. And it gets surrounding is very attractive towards us the fort has an amazing historical journey.

Related: Malshej Ghat one of the famous Monsoon Hill stations. It was near Pune.

Here the Unique places for a picnic spot to enjoy. I know some of there places you get to know but then some. I have to discuss that more places that may I think that you not know.

These Places are such an attractive place for a picnic spot. There you get really enjoyable for you to make sure must visit.

And what do you like more to see on my Blog tell me in the comment box? And give your views and what you know about this so tell me.


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