Hello Traveler how are you all? Welcome friends Now here you will get to know the most Unique and Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon Season.

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But it another side many of the traveler or it says, travel lover. They have made the plan after the lockdown to visit the Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon.

And yes guys the Monsoon season is going and this season many travel lovers are planned many trips to enjoy.

There are beautiful Lush Greenery and waterfalls in the Mountain. But all this pandemic situation we can’t do anything!

More to Know Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

So Don’t worry guys after soon will all get normal. And soon we all get to start our mysterious life and adventure traveling life. So make a plan best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon.

All the Traveler here for you get a little easy to searching or say it planning for the trips I recommended to you such Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon season.

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Top List of Best Places to visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

  • Harihareshwar, Raigad 
  • Amboli, Sindhudurg
  • Alibag, Raigad
  • Thoseghar Waterfalls, Konkan 
  • Vihigaon Waterfall
  • Bhimashankar, Pune
  • Shrivardhan, Raigad
  • Durshet, Khopoli 
  • Jawhar
  • Tapola, Mahabaleshwar
  • Khandala 
  • Lonavala
  • Kaas Plateau

1. Harihareshwar, Raigad 

Overview of Harihareshwar, Raigad 

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Harihareshwar is located in Raigad District. It was the most popular weekend destination. Harihareshwar has a wonderful beach to see.

It was located in the west coast region, and there are many ancient features and temples like Soja Devi Temple, the Kalbhairav temple, and Shankar temple.

Harihareshwar is famous know for the “Temple Town”. It is a Beach that very popular to see especially during Monsoon season it looks very Amazing.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

In the surrounded by the Four Hills with the Savitri river is flowing through the town.

Places are thronged by the visitors to visit and because it was very beautiful and attractive to visit such a peaceful beach. And Harihareshwar is often called as “Dakshin Kashi.”

It was the best place during Monsoon to visit. Just go and visit the place in Monsoon season.

How to Reach at Harihareshwar

To Reach Harihareshwar the nearest railhead is the Mangoan which it 57 km to reach Harihareshwar. And this route is very connected to the Pune and Mumbai.

Taxi are easily you get and for bus it have very get little quite.

By Roadway: To reach Harihareshwar by roadway is also the best route because there to reach in town the roads are very much getting better constructed. And by the road, it’s a very comfortable journey to yours.

By Train: Train route you can also visit there is one Mangaon which was the very nearest railhead has located to Harihareshwar and the distance about the city was 60 km.

And the many cities train get halt at Mangaon and Pune station. Then from there you can book any taxi and reach the Harishareshwar.

Best Time to visit : October to March

  • Distance from Mumbai to Harihareshwar: 200 km
  • Distance from Pune to Harihareshwar: 170 km

Fun Activity to do: Trekking, pilgrimage, camping and beach activities.

2. Amboli, Sindhudurg

Overview of Amboli, Sindhudurg

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Amboli is located in the Sindhudurg hill station which was in Maharashtra. The Amboli was one of the beautiful and the last hill station of Maharashtra. And then the Plains of Goa Begin.

In Amboli there is all-time in Monsoon highest and amazing rainfall is happen. It has called the rain receives as the Highest rain in Maharashtra.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Many people visit the weekend, especially from Goa and Belgium. And in there the Climate was very misty and the full of surrounding environment get fresh with air it’s you feel like the magic that happens in around.

There you get to see the very huge waterfalls and vast jungles, ghats, and then the beautiful sunrise on the top view with the restless soul.

It was the best hill station must explore in once in life it gets many tourist attractions. There are many places to see and visit near Amoli which was also best to explore.

How to Reach at Amboli, Sindhudurg

To the Amboli you can get better the easy route is Via Road only. It gets more comfortable and value for time.

By Roadway: So By Road, you can Reach Amboli. It is a state route by Highway which was 121 km it straight connected to Belgaum and Sawantwadi.

By Train: By the Train, the Amboli is in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. And the nearest railway station is Sawantwadi it located around 30 km away. And from here you can get public transport buses which were available at the Amboli Bus stop.

Best Time to visit: June to August

  • Distance form Mumbai to Amboli : 489 km
  • Distance from Pune to Amboli: 346 km

Fun Activity to do: Trekking, Hiking, Bonfire, Waterfall Rapelling  Camping, jungle treks.

3. Alibag, Raigad

Overview of Alibaug, Raigad

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Alibaug is the little coastal town in the Konkan region which was in Maharashtra. It was the best popular weekend gateway to enjoy the best Monsoon destination.

Alibaug was a little town with the sand beaches unpolluted air there are plenty of forts and temples to visit. There are numerous beaches in Alibaug.

There most famous and popular beach is Alibag beach which was not only famous for the sunrise and sunset but also it got the view of Kolaba Fort there you can take the boat ride to visit.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

The Alibag was the get the famous history and there the having Clean beaches like Varsoli, Kihim Beach, Alibag beach, and Nagaon Beach. And the middle of the sea was Murud-Janjira fort.

Monsoon season was the best season to visit the Alibaug which in the surrounding there is the lush greenery and the scenic beauty of the beach was get to click the pictures and take enjoyment of the beach.

How to Reach at Alibaug, Raigad

To Reach Alibag the most major cities are getting close to the Maharashtra and other countries. The Two main major cities are Mumbai and Pune.

The many of the people are taking to visit at Alibaug from Via Mumbai there you get the boat from Mandawa Jetty which takes only one hour to reach.

And form there to Alibaug was the next 30 min ride to reach. The nearest railway station form Alibaug was the Pen and Koha and also the nearest airport from Pune and Mumbai.

By Roadway: By the road, you can reach at Alibaug easily that any transport the route is Midway to Mumbai Goa highway.

There while you get to see the beautiful coastal scenic view and the many of the tourists and travelers may visit like by the roadway.

And there you get Public transport like buses the buses were operated as both Government and private which may take you to visit.

By Train: From Train, the nearest railway station to Alibaug was the Pen which was the small town in Raigad district of Maharashtra. And the Train form Pen station is directly connected to Panvel and Mumbai.

By Waterways: The most popular route way to reach Alibaug was by the ferry it gets you from Mumbai. From there you get the ferry services to form the Gateway of Mumbai.

It takes one hour to reach but by boat will get 20 min to reach. From the Mandwa Jetty Alibaug was another next 40 min by Bus.

The Ferry services time is 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM from Mumbai. But in the Monsoon season, the ferry services are not available till June to September.

Best Time to Vist: November to March

  • Distance from Mumbai to Alibaug: 98 Km
  • Distance from Pune to Alibaug: 141 Km

Fun Activity to do: Banana boat ride, horse riding, Fort exploration, camping, trekking, swimming, and other beach sports.

4. Thoseghar Waterfalls, Satara

Overview of Thoseghar Waterfalls Satara

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Thoseghar Waterfalls are in Satara in Maharashtra. It said that it was the most famous waterfalls which the ranging from 20 meters to 500 meters feet in Height.

This place is one of the most popular to visit at Monsoon season in Maharashtra. It looks the amazing view the great height of the waterfalls are fallen ups to the mountains with surrounding full lush greenery.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Thoseghar waterfalls also called seasonal falls which was the best tour trip in the Monsoon and post-monsoon.

Must visit this such beautiful waterfalls it was nearest to the Mumbai city. Just go and explore the place it is very special for those nature lovers and travelers. Must go and visit the Thoseghar Waterfalls.

How to reach at Thoseghar Waterfalls, Satara

To Reach Thoseghar Falls easily you can go via road it including both private and public Transport. And the regular bus services from Pune to Satara are available.

Then from Satara, you will easily get buses and auto-rickshaw to reach Thoseghar Falls.

And those have the own private transport there parking also available there they newly designed for the parking for the private vehicles.  It takes a walk of around 0.5km from the parking lot to reach the falls.

Best Time to Visit: July to November

  • Distance from Mumbai to Thoseghar Waterfalls: 276 km
  • Distance from Pune to Thoseghar Waterfalls: 133 km

Fun Activity to do : Trekking, camping, sightseeing.

5. Vihigaon Waterfall, Nasik

Overview of Vihigaon Waterfall

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Vihigaon Waterfall is another fall in Maharashtra. Which was located in the Nasik it was the amazing and refreshing waterfalls.

It was known for the natural beauty and it is in 120 feet which engages in Rappelling about 30 mins. The hike stretch to the falls through the woods is also quite fascinating.

These waterfalls are alive in the Monsoon with cascading waters and surrounding beautiful scene view that to enjoy. In the Monsoon the waters fall it get very forceful and it backdrops of the short holiday’s Plan.

Most of the people and many adventures company they come to adventures like river rafting, Rappelling in Monsoon season.

So must visit the waterfalls which were a very adventure to all the activity and for enjoyment also must go.

How to Reach at Vihigaon Waterfall

The Vihigaon Waterfall to reach is very easy it is in Nasik which was 6o km away from Mumbai. You can easily visit by roadway of train or any other private vehicles

By Roadway: By the Road, you can take the Mumbai express highway or by the Kasara. From Kasra you take the Public transport jeep then straight forward to Nasik. From there any public transport, you can take.

Best Time to visit : July to November

  • Distance from Mumbai to Nasik: 167 km
  • Distance from Nasik to Vihigaon Waterfall: 58 km

Fun Activity to do: River Rafting and Rappelling.

6. Bhimashankar, Pune

Overview of Bhimashankar, Pune

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Bhimashankar is located in the small town village is Bhorgiri in the ghat region of the Sahyadri range. It is a Height of around 3,250 feet.

And the Bhimashankar is surrounded by the Mountain of hills and all around have the lush greenery and Rainforest.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

The Bhimashankar named was originated by the Legend of Lord Shiva which was the river Bhima was Evaporated and due to by war between Lord Shiva and the Demon of Tripurasura.

This Place was considered the holiest place of India which was because of the Jyotirlinga. This place is most popular for the Trekkers.

Bhimashankar was the best tourist and adventure attractions must visit once in Lifetime and explore it.

How to Reach at Bhimashankar Pune

To Reach Bhimashankar there are too many cities are connected via roads. And the main Important many public modes of transport like Bus and Taxi you will get to reach. The Nearest airport was the Pune.

The nearest railway station is Karjat also the distance between Karjat station and Bhimashankar is 168 km. So it takes two hours to reach.

By Roadways: By the roadway, the bus and taxi are very easily accessible to reach Bhimashankar. From Nearby cities, you can easily take public transport or you can take your own Private transport as per your Budget.

By Train: The Bhimashankar as no such own railway station. But the nearest railway station is the Karjat which was 168 km distance to Bhimashankar.

It takes two hours to reach Bhimashankar to reach and from there you can take easily auto-rickshaw or jeep and it called Tum Tum.

Best Time to visit :November to February 

  • Distance from Mumbai to Bhimashankar: 220 km
  • Distance from Pune to Bhimashankar: 110 km

Fun Activity to do: Pilgrimage, day and night trekking, hiking, camping, nature walks, rappelling, rock climbing, and village tours, etc.

7. Shrivardhan, Raigad

Overview of Shrivardhan, Raigad

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Shrivardhan Fort is the which was forming the two forts is the named was Rajmachi Fort. It was located in the Rajmachi village which was is in Sahyadri Mountain Ranges.

The fort of elevation us 990 meters and it was closed to the Manoranjan Fort. It was constructed by the Maratha style and you get to see the further down the cave of the Buddhist Period.

Shirvardhan fort is you can reach either from Tungarli by doing the trek from the Karjat.

How to Reach at Shrivardhan, Raigad

To Reach Shrivardhan, it was easy to go by road. There you can easily get the cab or any private transported easily or the Sawantwadi is the nearest railway station to Shrivardhan, which is an 8-hour ride via NH66.

Best Time to visit : July to February

  • Distance from Mumbai to Shrivardhan: 187km
  • Distance from Pune to Shrivardhan: 157km

Fun Activity to do: Beach trekking, beach football, swimming, water rides, and pilgrimage.

8.Durshet, Khopoli 

Overview of Durshet, Khopoli 

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Durshet is a little town village that is in Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra. It was found in the bank of river Amba. For Mumbai and Pune, this place is for the best weekend getaway of Monsoon season.

It is situated between Two Ganesh Temple it is nearest to the Highway of Khopoli village.

The Place is historically it served the battlefield of Shivaji Maharaj fought with Kartalab Khan for Umbarkhind in the late 1600s.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

It is in the Western Ghats region with the stay in a jungle lodge and the full of attractive nature walk and Monsoon is the best season to visit such beautiful Places.

There are lots of fun adventure activities to do. So must visit the place and enjoy nature’s beauty.

How to Reach at Durshet , Khopoli

To Reach at the Durshet such airports not available. But in Mumbai, the closest airports are there which was name as Domestic or international airports, and their many various cities are connected to the airports.

Near Dushet Three railway station is Lonavala , Khandala and Khopoli.

By Roadway: To Reach Durshet is easy routes via Road in their many connected cities. There also have the many taxis which they operate us to at Reasonable cost.

From Public Transport there are not many buses. However, there are some buses plying between nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune to Khopoli. And then from Khopoli, you can hire a taxi to reach Durshet.

By Train: By the train, the nearest railway station is Khopoli which was 18 km away from the Durshet. There is a regular train was there from nearby any cities.

And another Railway station is Lonavala Railway Station and Khandala railway station which the distance of both is 33 km and 30 km away from Durshet.

Best Time to visit : September to February

  • Distance from Mumbai to Durshet: 76 km
  • Distance from Pune to Durshet: 99 km

Fun Activity to do: Trekking, bird-watch, nature trails, temple visit, jungle walks, kayaking, and other water sports in the river Amba.


Overview of Jawhar

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Jawhar is the small hill station which is in the Thane District of Maharashtra. This place is full of natural beauty and tourist attractions.

There you get the beautiful high picturesque view and the hill town was having the natural scenic beauty and for also those adventure lovers full of surrounding the flowers and lush greenery around.

The rocky mountain with the height of the waterfalls and lush green woods it was the amazing scenic beauty.

Must go and explore the Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon.

How to Reach at Jawhar

To Reach Jawhar the Nasik is the closest airport which is around 80km long and it is get connected to all cities in India.

The nearest railway station is the Igatpuri railway station is around 60km away from the Jawhar.

There is a regular train available that is connected to Jawhar in nearby cities. The self-own transport and the private car it gets a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.

By Roadway: By the roadway, the journey was more comfortable and easy to more enjoy in that place.

And otherwise, you can hire a cab or any private taxi for nearby cities like Mumbai or Thane then will get straight away to the Jawhar.

Public Transport the buses we get so few and not frequent also. It gets so difficult and so much time wastage.

It’s better to do the self-drive or hire a cab or taxi and take enjoyment of the surrounding view till to reach Jwahar.

By Train: The Train is Igatpuri is the nearest railway station in Nasik it takes just 2 hours to reach Jawhar at distance 60 km away.

From the station, there are many connected cities nearby and 24*7 taxi services available to reach Jawhar.

Best Time to visit : September to April

  • Distance from Mumbai to Jawhar: 135km
  • Distance from Igatpuri to Jawhar: 75km

Fun Activity to do:  Dabdaba Falls, Jai Vilas Palace, Sunset Point, Jawhar, Shirpamal, Shopping in Jawhar, Hanuman Point. 

10. Tapola, Mahabaleshwar

Overview of Tapola, Mahabaleshwar

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

Tapola is located in the Mahabaleshwar region and it was the lighting village town whose names as famous are known as ” Mini Kashmir”.

It has the most beautiful and scenic beauty for the Awesome picturesque view. This is the most Ideal and best destination for the nature lover and you will get full of nature experience.

In there many unknow forts are in the dense forests and with around lake in Tapola like Vasota and Jaygad it knows for the best adventure activities.

Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon

The Jungle Trek is the trek which was the best trek thrilling adventure activity and it was most popular in their many tourist visit at a place for such thrilling activity.

There are many small places near it just go and visit. It was the best weekend gateway in Monsoon season.

How to Reach at Tapola Mahabaleshwar

To Reach Tapola Mahabaleshwar is to easy you all know the Mahabaleshwar is the best popular and well-known destination.

So the Mahabaleshwar well connected to the Pune and Mumbai. At final you reach at Mahabaleshwar then just take the left and reach ‘Aaram Chowk’.

And from there you travel downhill and reach the Tapola. There the boards are available in your route it gets easier to reach.

Best Time to visit : October to February

  • Distance from Mumbai to Tapola: 223 km
  • Distance from Pune to Tapola: 134 km

Fun Activity to do: Trekking Jungles, Camping, Cycling etc.


Overview of Khandala 

Khandala is well known popular destination in Monsoon season. It is in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and the foothills of Sahyadri

It was the best weekend gateway destination and it near Mumbai and Pune. And many people are visiting there to enjoy the scenic beauty with lush greenery in surrounding and the grass valley and misty waterfalls.

The natural beauty of the place is full of the majestic, charming, and amazing view of the monsoon seasons. And the Khandala is known for the best adventure activities like trekking, camping, etc.

It is the best place and it knows for the couple place many couples are visiting to see this beauty.

And it knows for tourists and for Traveler lover adventure lovers so must visit and explore the place during in Monsoon season.

How to Reach at Khandala

To reach the Khandala is the nearest railway station is Lonavala. And both Lonavala and Khandala are connected to the major cities Pune and Mumbai.

And to reach at the regular local trains are available.

By Roadway: To reach the roadway the bus services are available. And from Mumbai, Pune, and Panjim the daily bus services available in all Day and Night. You can hire a taxi or cabs from where you want.

By Train: By the train, there is daily local trains are available and all the time services are available. And the main the Khandala Khandala junction the railway station to reach Khandala.

Best Time to visit:  July to September, from April to June also the other time to visit the Khandala because at that time in Mumbai and Pune is a lot of heat get so in that time Khandala is ideal destination of gets every time thunder.

  • Distance from Mumbai to Khandala: 79.7 km
  • Distance from Pune to Khandala: 70.9 km

Fun Activity to do: Trekking, cave exploration, temple visits, rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, hiking, camping.

12. Lonavala

Overview of Lonavala

Lonavala is situated in the Sahyadri ranges in the Western Ghats which is in Maharashtra and it was very close to the Mumbai and Pune.

The Lonavala is the most popular destination, especially during the Monsoon season. There are get to see the lots of waterfalls, Lush Greenery in surrounding and the beautiful scenic beauty.

Places to Visit in Lonavala on Your Weekend Getaway | MakeMyTrip Blog

And one thing it was the best destination for the adventure lover because there are adventure activities we can do like camping, trekking, and rappelling.

The Lonavala was the best destination for to experience us such beautiful nature. And having the dense forests, waterfalls greenery mountains and alongside beautiful view of the lake.

It is the one of the Best Places to Visit in Maharashtra During Monsoon Season. Must visit and explore the beautiful place.

How to reach at Lonavala

To reach Lonavala the Mumbai and Pune were the very closest major cities. It connected by train from Mumbai and Pune.

And on the daily basis, the tarins are available of time after 2 hours. One can take a taxi or the buses to reach Lonavala from Pune and Mumbai.

Or the taxi and buses also available directly from Mumbai, Pune, and Thane or any other Nearby cities.

By the road, the views of surrounding get to look amazing and awesome to enjoy.

Best Time to Visit: From December to February it gets the perfect sightseeing view.

And from June to September is also the best time in that get the Heavy rainfalls in that to get the surroundings full of greenery.

  • Distance from Mumbai to Lonavala: 83 km
  • Distance from Pune to Lonavala: 64 km

Fun Activity to do: Trekking, Camping, Sightseeing, Rappelling, and Paragliding.

13. Kaas Plateau, Panchgani

Overview of Kaas Plateau Panchgani

Kaas Plateau Panchgani is located in the Panchgani which is the beauty of landscape, lakes, flower, and butterflies in the surrounding.

It is the Biodiversity hotspot is situated at a mighty altitude of 1200 meters. And it is owing to the major owing and there you get to see the many varieties of butterflies and flowers in around.

There are the 850 species of wildflowers and the 1000 hectare area of the plateau is now a reserved forest. It is the Kaas Lake how it gets turns into Valley flowers during in Monsoon season.

It was an amazing and charming look of beautiful flowers and butterflies must visit and enjoy the beauty of the place.

How to Reach at Kaas Plateau Panchgani

To Reach Kaas Plateau it lies on NH 4 it easily reaches by taxi or buses. It is 22 km away from Satara from there easily get a taxi or bus to reach Kaas Plateau.

By Roadway: By the road, you easily get a taxi or buses and it 22 km away from Satara.

You can hire a cab or taxi for you and otherwise you get your own car by self-driving you also reach the routes are very easy. But in parking is ahead you get to walk 1 km till the Plateau

By Train: The nearest Railway station is Satara it just takes the 22 km away from Satara to at Kaas Plateau.

Best Time to Visit: September and October

  • Distance from Mumbai to Kaas Plateau : 278 km
  • Distance from Mumbai to Satara: 255 km

Fun Activity to do: Amazing Photogarphy , Quaint little Picnic spot.


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