It is the first thing to know for trek beginners is that what is trekking and when to do the trek and Trekking Guide for beginners in India.

What was measure care should be taken while trekking? And for Adventures and Mountainers trek.

trekking guide for begginner  in India 2020

If you don’t know what should do for trek beginners so stick with the end of this post to get some unique ideas.

Before while Going trek for Beginners first thing to get know about all how to check Trekking guide for beginners in India and then getting make planned for a trek that what was there taken things while trekking.

Here we Focused point that trekking guide for beginners and what was the thing which gets carried with us while trekking and many things that get may you clear in the post.

Are you excited to get to know about the Trekking Guide Beginner in India? So Stay tuned all off and read the article till the end.

I make sure that it get helps to you while going for trek.

Trekking Guide for Beginner in India-2020

Get to know first What is Trekking for Beginner?

The Trekking for Beginner in India is first we get to know about trekking and the means of trekking in the form of walking undertaken the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

It was usually take placed in the trails area and relatively wilderness area. Most of the high mountains and the greatest large range of mountains.

And which was the place is so attractive and beautiful of trekking must visit.

Here they not served by roads it can also remote and having difficult places and get to the real way to see such attractive places.

Cultural trek and team

The Cultural trek was that the Adventure trekking company organize the tours and trekking holiday and some mountaineering which was the widest choice of the destination.

And best destination places in which the trek duration is Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sikkim Darjeeling( India).

Here we get whatever your interest is there for trekking like a high mountain with the high altitude of trekking, peak Climbing.

And for occasional walkers which prefer the valleys and villages which have something for you in this cultural trek.

Having other activities like river rafting, paragliding, and jungle safari for you in the plan for that trip.

When to do Trekking get to know for Beginners

While we think first that all about trekking is get to know but the main things that we not decided that when we do trek first we should decide the places where we get a spend to find the best trekking Holiday.

trekking guide for begginer in  India 2020

One place that has is best for the trek is in Nepal this is most famous for like crowds and weather.

The best weather in Nepal is very attractive and many people are come to Nepal for especially enjoying trekking.

During the high tourist season in October and November which was in that month, most of the hotels and flights are fully reserved.

And during the autumn the nights are getting colds in the mountains area and the sun makes the pleasant day temperatures at high 20 degrees Celcius.

At the night it was the 5 degree Celcius between the 1000 meters and 3500 meters.

In the Morning the clouds are getting clear and but it builds up again during in afternoon and at night it was dark and thunder it was at 10 degrees colder.

And in the Monsoon season, it was a good time to visit Kathmandu. And in that season trek was if possible to do.

If then do it because there in Kathmandu has so much rain, and leeches, and very slippery area in between mountains.

Here the many of the new treks are arranging in the summer season trek. It was in Mustang and Simikot which was partially in the Himalayan rain.

So the trekking condition is good in the summer season with So throughout in the Monsoon season.

And most areas were restricted while trekking in the winter season.

Types of Trekking For Beginners

The Trekking is Beginners in India is easy, medium, and Hard that you can say and the first thing.

That we Notice the  “Trek” is a generic word it can be anything like Easy Trek, Moderate Trek, or the Hard Trek one.

It can be starting the beginners we should take first an easy trek that you get the short and good experience for the trek.

Easy Trek

Generally, a trek stretching for a few couple days and with an honest terrain.

That is not involving much highs and lows is taken into account a simple trek.

 A simple trek generally involves a not so stressing walk of 4-5 kilometers during a day. 

An honest example of a simple trek is that the Naag Tibba trek which may be a short and delightful trek and may be wiped out 2.5 days with an evening of camping.

Moderater Trek

A trek that involves crossing terrain which requires a specific level of stamina, involves multiple days of entering more terrible conditions that pose a far better degree of challenge to the trekker.

And it involves 5-6 hours of walking each day are often considered to be a moderate trek.

The Hampta Pass trek within the Pir Panjal range is one that can be considered an honest example of a moderate trek.

Hard Trek

The treks which were demands us walking long hours per day, through the steep inclines and the deep gorges.

Some are trek where only stamina isn’t enough and mental strength is of most importance.

The trek that involves ascending to altitudes above 14,000 feet ASL and stretches to every week or more is usually considered a tough or tough trek.

One that tests many aspects of the trekker and not just his ability to steer.

Most of trek to the Everest Base Camp which reaches up to a height of quite 17, 500 feet is one among those which is one such trek.

Trekking Outfit for Beginners

While Going for the trek the main important thing that is we have the trek Outfit for Trekking that have the compulsory for all Trekker they should carry while Trekking.

So those who were Beginner for going trek they Get to first all things to know here we getting the what Outfits are they are for Trek Beginners.

Following Points are There :

  • Small rucksack preferably for back support / Knapsack.
  • Sleeping bag (temperature range depending on terrain)/ bedsheet + Sleeping mattress.
  • Lockable duffel bag.
  • Good quality trekking shoes (e.g. Adidas Terrex AX2) + Slippers that you in near place you want to go can’t walk around in shoes all the time, especially when you camp).
  • Karrimat / Sleeping Pad.
  • Tent for sleepovers in the outdoors (should be light and sturdy) take a good and best in quality on budget and convenience.
  • Wear the knee caps /ankle support if you are in for a long hike and Trek.
  • Flashlight (LED – as they are durable, lightweight, and cheaper) + Camera with spare batteries that for making a short film that you think you will need for that Purpose and make sure to bring on your own responsibility.
  • A length of strong rope and a knife/ a swiss knife.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, deodorant (trek=sweat=odour; also helps in starting a bonfire) toothpaste & brush/ mouthwash.
  • Water bottle of 2 liters or a water bladder with a sipper for hydration pack)
  • Sanitizer and tissues of roll old newspaper, plastics bags (for storage of used items/waste, etc).
  • The emergency of rations/goodies
  • And Marker/chalk + whistle/walkie talkie + compass
  • Extra Cash for anything that you want to buy from there and some emergency we have to keep the extra cash with us.

Trekking while Carry Medicines

Trekking Guide For Begginer in India
  1. You should carry a personal essential medicines box with yourself.
  2. Antiseptic liquid, ointment, band-aids, medical bandage, cotton, gauze pads
  3. Medicines like Paracetamol ,Cetrizine cold-n-flu Digene/ Pudin Hara /Eno
  4. Diamox for high altitude climb (It’s a no for people who are allergic to sulfur)
  5. Chlorine tablets for purification if you are not carrying sufficient water or there won’t be mountain water-streams where you plan to go. Buy a LifeStraw for such regions and you will be able to drink water out of ponds, puddles, etc.
  6. Moov/ Volini spray

Trekking for Beginner What to do before Going to Trek

While Going for the trek we have to do some training at home before one or two months that because it while trekking you get not any Idea that how much it difficult.

Some have good in health but some have some problem that when t they get on trekking it gets them a little difficult because they do not get practices and training before the Trek.

Here we were discussed some points that it we to do before you planning for going any trek.

Build Your Stamina

  • Before you go the trek we have to build has the stamina, makes the sure that get your legs to strong.
  • Start a Morning walk do Jogging at least the before the one remaining of your trek.
  • Walking with the backpack weighs that it sure helps while trekking that you carry the weight of the bag in your back so it gets to practice .
  • If you are doing the Gym so in the gym you do the more Cardio exercise and by the side walking exercise also.

Stop Smoking Now

  • Smoking and high-altitude don’t go hand in hand.
  • When within the high mountains, you have wanted your lung to be working at 100%.
  • As you go up in the mountain, the oxygen within the air goes down therefore the more air you suck-in, the higher your body will perform.
  • So if you smoke, STOP now. I promise you a trek is far more worth than smoking.
Most of the Importants points to follow before going to trek
  1. Walk at Morning 5-6 kilometers regularly.
  2. Go for Jogging.
  3. Try to finish the walk or jog the 1.5 km around 20 min.
  4. Try to stand on one side of the leg and in straight for a half min on each side.
  5. Set of Squats regularly.
  6. Do the Breathing Excercise take Inhale / Exhale it helps your chest expansion exercise.
  7. Then do the Basic shoulder exercises that help to make them stronger.

Trekking Operator Agencies

Trekking guide for begginer in India

While you going for the trek you have to enquiry all the trek agenices operator and their trek leader all the information about the trekking.

And if your solo so first get about which group member. Along you are going for the trek.

Their all the well-trained leader with you have gone check it. And the least check out the reviews about the trek agencies.

Then it gets you satisfaction then final it. If you have the own group of friends it so easy for you.

It that you can save some cost of money for hiring the local guide. and its instead of trekking Agencies.

Do’s and Don’t While Trekking

Do’s :

  1. Carry with your backpack. Do not offload it.
  2. Bring sustainable items.
  3. Get with eco-friendly products.
  4. Collect and separate waste.
  5. Take your one waste bag for waste material.

Don’t :

  1. Don’t Get a Packed Food with yourself.
  2.  Don’t consume carelessly.
  3. Don’t pollute water.
  4. Don’t do wastage of anything.
  5. Don’t Create an unnecessary noise.

Tips For Trekking for Beginners

Any Trek you were going to plan so some tips and some important point that you get clear about the trek.

While the trek that you get comfortable that you get all things that we required on the trek and the extra of the things that you have packed.

Just make a list and check out all those things which was very Important while Going Trek.

Pack Clothes

When you trek does not pack so many clothes and don’t take branded clothes because you are going to the top of the mountain.

At there you not get a shower daily might there not have to get to shower in some places are available and some are not so don’t bring so many clothes.

Take the clothes like the how many days you trek trip is there so that be noted first don’t take much load of the clothes with yourself.

While taking the clothes take those types of clothes. That if you get comfortable to wear and the all trek trip you go the comfortably.

So the Clothes I am suggested you might. Be you take if you want that the take a thin lightweight Jacket. And don’t take the heavyweight Jacket.

The first thing doesn’t forget that the Raincoat. Because we are in the mountain area and they have rainfall. So never forget while going to trek Raincoat .

Trekking Shoes

And about the trek shoes with the best good quality of shoes. Is that you get comfortable in those shoes.

That because the full of the while trek that compulsory to were the trek shoes while going up in the mountain.

Before buying your trek shoes than daily wear to do make some practices of shoes.

Then before one month or the few days remaining for the trek. So while getting comfortable with those shoes.

Importants Points for Trek Begginers
  • You were Distribute load by them among team members.
  • Trekking while Drink water in small quantity because it remembers you should wet lips.
  • Carry one stick that helps in walking. Also, carry a length of sturdy rope as it helps in tricky situations.
  • You get any football and any like if you afford to only bring guitars and all that the on camping site it gets entertainment to all.
  • Get some Playing Cards, Others small PlayStation games, and any board games, Books.
  • Packing rucksack.
  • Pacing on yourself in Trek.

“Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.”

Here about trekking Guide for Beginners in India while planning a trek get to know about all this what is a trek and all the information.

And make a plan for trekking once get you better experiences of the Mountain and all the attractive place.

That the trek Guide you have any point to be added on it so just send a message on the comment box. I like to hear your opinion.

Just read it in my article that I make sure it gets for your help while going for the trek and get to know more about it just visit my site and read it. If you like share also and Give your comments and review on my Article.

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